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What We Do

  The lawyers at Schlueter Breman, LLC partner with you to plan for your family’s future and ensure your estate plan accomplishes what is most important to you.  We also partner with your loved ones to ensure that, through some of our most difficult periods of transition, the ones you want to benefit and care for are receiving exactly what  you intended.  Our guidance begins with thoughtfully developed incapacity documents which capture your objectives concerning your physical and financial care.  Our advocacy continues with end of life planning, including wills and trusts, which enables us to commit to you that your financial legacy will transition as you desire. Our Attorneys prior experiences have taught them that execution of the plan is essential to the plan’s ultimate success so implementation of property transfers and beneficiary designations is included in our process. 


  In addition to planning for these transitions, our services to the family continues by representing you in adoption processes, guardianship proceedings, estate and probate administration and trust transition processes to ensure the family's plan is implemented as envisioned. In addition to their extensive legal expertise, our attorneys have been trust services professionals with years of experience and proven ability to take care of families.  Our Attorneys first hand knowledge of what it takes to be a guardian, trustee or personal representative allows them to empathize and understand the difficulties of fulfilling those roles and assuming those responsibilities. 


   We have a lot of experience working with specialized planning for families who have are concerned about medical care in advanced years, who have special needs individuals they want to care for,  philanthropies they like to support and businesses looking to plan for their succession. Our knowledge and experience allows us to integrate this more targeted and specialized planning into your estate planning in the most efficient and effective way. 

  We recognize that not everything goes the way we all intend and occasionally deputes arise during which you might need legal representation. We have the informal dispute resolution and litigation experience to help guide you through that process to the best resolution possible. 

  We look forward to getting to know you and your unique needs as we work together to take care of your family for generations to come.

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