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Medicaid & Long Term Care Planning

It is estimated that by 2030, one out of every six Americans will be over 60 years old.  Long-term care planning involves preparing for the possibility of needing assistance with activities of daily living and medical care over an extended period, typically due to aging, disability, illness, or cognitive impairment.  By addressing these key details in your long-term care planning process, you can better prepare for the potential challenges and uncertainties while maintaining control over your healthcare decisions and financial well-being. 

Additionally, the attorneys at Schlueter Breman, in conjunction with Capstone Indy Advisors, as a division of Schlueter Breman, can create an asset preservation plan in addition to assisting and facilitating the Medicaid eligibility requirements and the application process to meet your personal circumstances, needs and protect your loved one's personal well-being and legacy.

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